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Coolest thing ever

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  • (On the car ride home from dinner)
  • Jordan: Have you guys ever heard of dubstep?
  • Sammy: I've definitely heard a lot about it lately but I don't think I've ever actually heard it.
  • Jordan: Ya, for some reason it's really popular right now. It's so ridiculously awful and I literally can't listen to it without cracking up.
  • (Jordan starts playing a dubstep song for us to hear)
  • Sammy: Wait, someone actually likes this? Like a lot of people actually like this? Oh my god. What is wrong with the world?
  • Jordan: See what I mean? It sounds like an alien taking a dump.
  • Meghan: I don't think I've ever thought about what that would sound like...
  • Jordan: You don't have to. That's what dubstep is for.
  • Dad: Ok, so someone asked me this the other day and now I want to ask you guys... if someone were making a movie of our lives, who would you cast as all the people in our family? I think I'd be Jason Bateman.
  • Sammy: Ya I can see that! Ellen Page could totally be Ashton. Cause she's super witty and sarcastic.
  • Mom: You know who could play you, Sammy? Emma Stone! Cause she's equally as sarcastic and witty but also a little nerdy and could have your cheesy, punny sense of humor.
  • Sammy: You really think so?
  • Dad: Oh, totally!
  • Ashton: Ya! That's perfect!
  • Sammy: YES. I seriously love Emma Stone!!
  • Ashton: Ya and it's great because she's a lot like Ellen Page, just more outgoing!
  • Well, it's official. My family thinks I'm funny enough to be played by Emma Stone. My life is now complete. hahaha

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Harry Potter is Belle’s favorite book.


Severus Snape is my idea of Prince Charming.

This is perfect! My favorite childhood disney movie and book series coming together :)

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  • So tonight Ashton and I watched Harry Potter 7 pt. 1. Our brother Jordan and his friend Mike decided to talk through the whole movie and make hilarious comments the whole time (like usual when we watch just about anything). Ashton and I couldn't help but contribute because their commentary was, after all, hilarious.
  • (In the scene when Ron gets mad and runs away)
  • Ron: I get it... I saw you two back there!
  • Hermione: Ron that's nothing!
  • Jordan: Ya, ok. Sure it's nothing. Whatever you say...... (trails off trying to think of a clever name to call her)
  • Sammy: Whore-mione!
  • Jordan: That's a good one!
  • Sammy: I thought that's what you were about to say.... What were you gonna call her?
  • Jordan: I don't know... I was going for slut-mione. Or maybe ho-mione. Yours is better.
  • (Later, sarcastically talking about the Harry Potter theme park)
  • Jordan: They actually have a ride there called "under the stairs" where they lock you in a cupboard for 11 years. You know, because it's a family place.
  • (In another scene when Hermione is still mad at Ron. Shows him looking sad)
  • Mike: Way to go ginger. Does your own mother love you yet?
  • Jordan: Get it? Cause all redheads are adopted!
  • (High fives Mike)
  • Ashton: And they're all stepchildren! They come in through the FedEx!


I laughed so hard in the theater…and I was the only one laughing…awk

lol not gonna lie I totally laughed too :)

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Can’t even believe it’s over :(

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  • (While talking about how Malia always has a way more positive attitude than Ashton)
  • Malia: we need to make nicknames for this. I'll be optimist prime and you can be negatron
  • (Sammy and Dad in the hallway saying goodnight to each other. Sammy notices something weird on the door behind dad)
  • Sammy: (In an almost bored tone) there's a scorpion on the door.
  • Dad: (turns around to look) Eww you're right! How are you so calm about it?
  • Sammy: You have NO idea how many bugs I've had to kill this week. We've had moths, and wasps, and giant beetles, and crazy alien spiders..... at one point there was a frog in our cabin.
  • Pretty much sums up my life right now. hahaha I miss camp already and we just got back today!
  • Ashton: (rocking back and forth occasionally on her bed, while making a t-shirt into a tank top)
  • Sammy: (Sitting on the floor organizing her clothes for camp)
  • *ominous creaking noise*
  • Sammy: (looks around slightly creeped out, then continues packing)
  • *scary noise again*
  • Sammy: (looks up at her shelf of stuffed animals, thinking that she heard the noise coming from that direction)
  • Ashton: (sewing happily as if nothing is out of the ordinary)
  • *creepy noise again*
  • Sammy: (throws down the shirt she was folding in frustration) Ok. What is that weird noise. Is that you? Are you making that noise?
  • Ashton: What noise? This one? (Rocks back and forth a couple of times in a very exaggerated fashion)
  • Sammy: (relieved) Oh. Oh good. It's just your bed creaking. I was seriously freaking out over here. It sounded like it was coming from my stuffed animal shelf and I kept looking up there thinking 'I swear to god if you're alive'...
  • Ashton: (laughs for a good minute or so) oh my god. you're such a nerd.